Zemen Drama Part 161


ቀጣዩ ክፍል ሲለቀቅ ወዲያው እንዲደርስዎ  SUBSCRIBE የሚለውን  በመንካት የድረ ገፃችን ተከታይ ይሁኑ

Dr Mehret Debebe

“ችግር ተንታኝ በዝቷል፣ መፍትሔ ሰጪ ነው የጠፋው፤ ሁል ጊዜ ከችግሩ ጋር ሳይሆን ከመፍትሔ ጋር መወገን፣ ችግር ስናይ እኔ የመፍትሔ ኃላፊነት አለብኝ ብሎ ማሰብ ያስፈልጋል፣ እኛ አገር ሥራ አይደለም የጠፋው ሰሪ ነው፣ችግር ስናይ በውስጡ እድል ማየትና እያንዳንዱ ችግር ሀሳብ ያጣ እድል እንደሆነ ማሰብ ያስፈልጋል” 
ዶ/ር ምህረት ደበበ፣ የአእምሮ ሐኪምና ጸሐፊ ፡፡

Dr. Mehret is a well-known practicing psychiatrist and an author of two books titled Yetekolefebt Kulef (The locked key) and Lela Sew (the other person). He received Medical Degree in Addis Ababa University, Tikur Anbesa Medical School. He then travelled to United States to specialize in psychiatry. Currently he practices psychiatry in both nations.

Mehret is also recognized for his engagement in several initiatives on mind/society/cultural transformation.  He regular appears in different media outlet and is one of the few motivational speakers in the country.

Early Life

Mehret was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a child he wanted to become an architect. However, he was influenced by circumstances and joined media school.

He received his Medical Degree from Addis Ababa University, Tikur Anbessa Medical School in 1998. He then moved to United States and specialized in psychiatry.


Meheret received his Medical Degree in Addis Ababa, Tikur Hospital. He then travelled to the United States, and joined Saint Louis University and specialized in psychiatry in 2008.


After graduating medical school, Meheret served in Military hospitals in Hurso military camp near to the eastern city of Dire Dewa. The time was the Ethio-Eritrea war, and Mehret treated the military that was training and fighting to join the war.  He then moved to another remote area, Konso, joining Doctors without Borders. The time was 2005, and there was a draught that affected many parts of the country. It was this experiences that made Dr. Meheret more passionate to understand people’s thought process and study psychiatry.

Meheret moved to the United States and studied psychiatry in Saint Louis University. After he finished his specialization, he made an arrangement to work  both in Ethiopia and USA. He spends six months of a year in both countries.

Among Ethiopian’s Dr. Meheret is most known for his two books Yetekolefebt Kulef (The locked key) and Lela Sew (the other person). His character in his books deal with the consciousness of Ethiopian’s, the limitations, cultural and social struggles as well as solutions. He uses his insight in psychiatry and tried to mainstream the concepts through his books.

Dr. Mehere also strives for social and cultural transformation, to treat what he calls illnesses in culture and life style. He is most recognized for his eloquent speaking skills and in depth analysis of the Ethiopian psyche.



Personal life

Dr. Mehere lives in both United States and Ethiopia, spending every six month in a year in two countries.